Innochem Group Ltd is strongly related to Innochem Wasser GmbH located in Germany.

In our Innochem organisation our Bio Engineers and Technical Engineers are highly specialised and experienced in the biological treatment of (waste)water.
The head of our Engineers has a background at company Dupont where he was involved in the development of Bioreactor technology to manufacture pharmaceutical products.

In the nineties he started to use this Bioreactor technology in (waste)water treatment applications and noticed that excellent results were achieved.
Many installations are operational at this moment to treat communal and industrial wastewaters based on this High Performance Biotechnology.
Even after so many years it is a fact that the use of this High Performance Biotechnology on the treatment of wastewater is still much more better and economical than any conventional biological wastewater treatment, SBR, MBR, and MBBR.

Most existing installations are manufactured by Steel construction companies in Germany.

Since 2022 we are capable to manufacture the same High Performance Bioreactor in top quality HDPE material with a life time of more than 20 years.
This development makes it possible for us to announce that this top quality water treatment is now available internationally with an unprecedentedly low capital cost.

As a result, we are convinced that it is possible to make this type of high-quality water technology accessible to all countries and thus contribute to solving the current scarcity of clean water on our planet.

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