Bioreactor Bio-R-95 is the only bioreactor in the world having a 95% Oxygen utilization.

Bio-R-95 is a High-Performance wastewater Bioreactor developed more than 20 years ago in Germany by experienced high level Biomedical experts specialized in Bioreactor technology.
This High-Performance Bioreactor is successful for many years in more than 150 wastewater treatment plants.


Our High-Performance Bioreactor reduces up to

90% COD

Our High-Performance Bioreactor reduces up to

99% BOD

Our High-Performance Bioreactor reduces up to

of the energy cost compared to conventional systems.

BIO-R-95 is excellent to treat and reuse/discharge

  • Communal wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Maritime wastewater in Ports and on board of ships (technology is IMO certified)
  • Liquid phase in the Livestock manure process (nitrification/denitrification)
  • Produced water in the Oil industry to remove dissolved oil, emulsions, BTEX components so ideal to use before UF/RO membrane filters.
  • Wastewater pharmaceutical industry removal of antibiotics
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Bio-R-95 High Performance Bioreactor is the state-of-the-art biological wastewater treatment technology with a much more efficient and economical performance compared to Conventional biology, MBR treatment, MBBR treatment, SBR treatment, etc.

Even wastewater having a COD level >5000 ppm can be treated with this aerobic process.

This all combined with a low capital and operational cost.

With this High-Performance Bioreactor, the conventional biology flakes are manipulated in a way that the bacteria will be capable to utilize 95% of the oxygen.

Compared to conventional biological treatment having a maximum of 6-12% oxygen utilization this results in a tremendous increase of the biological strength and performance.

The 95% oxygen utilization gives clients the unique opportunity to solve many actual treatment and capacity issues they are dealing with.

Bio-R-95 makes it possible to reduce BOD/COD levels of 15 kg per m3 of water per day.

Based on this high capacity and biological power the installation has a very small footprint.

This high-performance biotechnology can be used to optimize an existing installation or can be used as leading technology in a new treatment plant.


Bioreactor Bio-R-95 is the only bioreactor in the world having a 95% Oxygen utilization.

Bioreactor Bio-R-95 is the only bioreactor in the world having a 95% Oxygen utilization. This results in a zero excess sludge build up as well. There will be no need to press/dry, transport and discharge/incinerate excess sludge which is a huge financial benefit.

Less energy consumption:

  • Our High-Performance Bioreactor reduces up to 50% of the energy cost compared to conventional systems.
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Characteristics of the BIO-R-95:


Characteristics of Conventional biological treatment:


– Volumetric load: up to 15 kg BOD/COD/m3/day

– Hydraulic retention: 45 to 180 minutes

– MLSS: 12 to 15 g/liter

– Utilization of oxygen: 95%

– Degradation of BOD: >95%

– Degradation of COD: 90%

– Activation time biological process: 24-48 hours.

– Zero excess sludge

– Low energy consumption

– Small footprint

– Volumetric load: 350 grams BOD/m3/day

– Hydraulic retention: 18-24 hours

– Utilization of oxygen: 6-12%.

– MLSS max. 4-7 g/l  

– Activation time biological process 7-30 days.

– Generates large volumes of excess sludge.

– High energy consumption

– Large footprint






Conventional Biology


High Performance Biology



Only the outside layer is Aerobic.

Anaerobic kernel, odour issues

6-10% Oxygen Utilization


Many small round flakes

Completely Aerobic, large total surface

95% Oxygen Utilization, no odour.

Active sludge

BIO-R-95 is made of high-quality HDPE material having at least a 20-year lifetime.

BIO-R-95 reduction of BOD/COD levels in the water prevents biofouling and will extend the lifespan of RO/UF membranes.

BIO-R-95 performance will be controlled automatically and continuously by different parameters e.g., Oxygen level, TSS, COD, pH, and Temperature.

Top quality pumps and sensors are used to guarantee a low maintenance 24 hours per day operation.

BIO-R-95 is operated and controlled fully automatic by Siemens software.

Way of working:

Based on detailed laboratory analysis of the inlet and the parameters needed to achieve after the treatment, our engineers can calculate the required dimensions of the BIO-R-95 reactors.

In case Bio-R-95 needs to be implemented in an existing treatment process our engineers prefer to do a site visit as well.

Based on this a realistic capital cost per project can be calculated and discussed with the Client.

Each installation can be activated and supported by our professional team of experienced Engineers and local partners.

In case of questions or a request for more information please feel free to contact our office.

In case you are interested to discuss about a possible international partnership regarding this Bioreactor technology please send your request by email to…….